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An image counter is be far one of the simplest web page counters that you can install on your website, and it is the most popular counter type too. Image counters are also called graphical webpage counters. Simply put, these are counters that show your website visitor's hit and a graphical design or image that comes along with it, these are one of the very first site counters available in the internet.

Aside from static digital images, an image counter can also employ a simple animated display (usually prepared as a .gif file). Different graphical font styles can add character to your image counter. You can also choose your own color preference to coincide with your website's over all color scheme.

We see to it that our image counters loads fast, at present we have a limit of 800 bytes maximum size for all our image counters.

There are also various skins available from our website that you can choose to spice up your image counters. These skins would be imported from our site and would be merged with your counter. You can go creative and combine designs according to your taste.

Alternatively, you can also go for total customization and add your very own design to our archive. This way, you can add more "personality" to your image counters. You can also request for us to do the designs for you and if we like your proposal, we would be glad do a skin design according to what you have in mind.



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