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What is a webpage counter ?

A lot of webmasters wanted to know how the traffic of their websites are doing. One of the most popular and easiest way in monitoring the number of visitors in your website is by installing a webpage counter.

A webpage counter, also referred to as a hit counter or a web counter, is a computer software that shows the number of visitors of a specific webpage. The webpage counters adds one unit or increments by one every time an online user visits the webpage. In general, once a webpage is opened by a web browser, the number of hits increases.

A webpage counter is one of the simplest way to monitor the your site's traffic. The good thing about webpage counters is that the information is not only available to the webmaster himself, but can be readily viewed by other online users who visit the website.

How does a webpage counter look like?
A webpage counter usually display the number of visitors in various designs and layouts. They can go with various images and different fonts. You can also choose those that are in plain text for fast loading. 

A webpage counter usually comes with a date stamp. The date would indicate when the webpage counter was first installed or when it was last reset. This would give you an estimate time on how long the webpage has been counting the visitors of your website.




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