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What is a Web Log Analyzers ?

A Web log analyzer is the tool used by webmasters to analyze visitor data.  Web log analyzers gather pertinent information from web site visitors that web masters can use for their site management. 

Web log analyzers used the information found on server log files and turn them into reports. Depending on the version of web log analyzer, a web master can gain access to simple information such as the number of visitors per hour or per day, the number of unique visitors to more complex information such as detailed 404 errors, country of origin of visitors and so much more. 

For personal blogs or online journals, website counters usually suffice.  Free web counters usually show the total number of visitors to a website.  Paid versions have more features such as customizable skins, reports generation, and can give the webmasters details of referrals. 

Such details are important because they can be used in link building and website marketing. For example, a web log analyzer will tell you from which external links traffic was generated. 

You can use this as basis for your future link building efforts.  Web log analyzers can also gather information pertaining to keywords used in search engines.  This will help webmasters analyze keyword density, which keywords are important in searches, and their page ranks in search engines.

Web analyzers can also be used to measure the effectiveness of online ad placements and marketing promotions.  Because of this web log analyzers are as much a marketing and business tool as it is an IT tool.

They are used not just for e-commerce websites but also for corporate and other websites.  They are also much more efficient measures of a site’s performance than plain web counters.


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