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Installing a java webpage counter should be as easy 1-2-3. Getting one for your website is effortless even though you do not know java scripting at all. If you know how to cut and paste a code in a webpage, then you are good to go.

The great thing about java counters is the versatility they offer. Upon your preference, aside from the number of hits,  on some java counters you can also include other useful and in-depth statistics.

A Java counter can be as attractive as a graphical image counter. It can also include various images and text styles. They can easily be modified according to your own personal preference to coincide with your website's overall design.
Compared to a graphical image counter, a java counter can actually monitor non-identifiable information that may not be captured by an ordinary hit counter.

a Java counter also has the capacity to detect unknown visitors. What does this mean? If a person is using older Web TV™ terminal, ordinary webpage counters do not usually detect the visitor but a java counter can detect this type of visitor and register it as a hit even if the image counter does not show up.

The reverse of this is true, java counters cannot capture all web tv terminals especially if java is not installed or they have a very simple browser, an image counter would get this information though!

Dependant on the company you choose  a java counter would need the most basic Java software installed in the visitors computer. Most PC users would naturally have Java in their computer, as they would need to download it to play games and to use other web applications. 

Java counters may not detect all PDA or mobile phone users where an image counter is more likely to capture this information.

For a java counter to be properly working, as stated above, it is basically dependent on whether or not Java is installed in the gadget or machine that they are using.

NoScript elements may also be an issue. We evaluated two of our popular website that have high traffic to check if a java counter works with NoScript elements. The result shows that at least 55% (for every 100 NoScript visitor) of the page hits was actually counted. We are continually working on our java counter evaluation and would give you a more concrete and accurate figure in the future.


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