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Webmasters need all the information they can get regarding the performance of their websites.  This is why it is important to use website trackers.  Website trackers will provide the essential information that webmasters use when managing a site.  

Website trackers and website counters measure the traffic to a site.  Trackers measure the number of hits per day or the average hit per hour.  It can also tell you the frequency of visits and the number of unique visitors.

It also tells you from which site your visitor found you (i.e., search engine, other websites, forums) and they tell you what pages they came to visit, how much time they spent on your website pages and what pages that made them exit your website or pages that your readers didn’t find useful.

A tracker will also let you know what keywords your viewers used to find your site.  This should give you an idea of what keywords are more useful and will help you improve keyword density.  This way, the webmaster no longer needs to do random searches to find out. 

Random checks will take up too much time with very few good results.  A tracker should save you precious time which you could use to improve your site.  It can also help you with your link-building efforts.  With the data you get from you web log analyzer or your tracker you would know which link are more effective and you can focus on getting incoming links from similar websites. 

More advanced features offered by trackers include: Return on Investment, goal tracking, conversion, campaign CPC/CPA, paths, benchmarking and so much more.  These advanced features are usually included in paid accounts or premium versions.  These trackers also have reporting tools which should help you analyze how your website is doing.


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