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Benefit of web log analyzers?

Who can benefit from using Web Counters and web log analyzers?

Anyone running a website can benefit from using web counters but more so individuals and companies who have commercial interests in their websites.  Online stores or e-commerce websites need targeted traffic so that they can sell more. 

On-line stores are no different from brick and mortar businesses, the more people know about your product and services, the more people will visit your store and the more transactions you’ll make.

On-line stores must work on their websites so that they can attract more visitors. There are a number of ways to attract customers and these methods usually fall under the process of search engine optimization (SEO).

Webmasters and SEO professionals use website counters and server statistics softwares to increase targeted traffic to their site.  When a webmaster uses such counters and softwares, he is given an insight on what works in his website and what doesn’t.

This will allow him to analyze his website data and change his website to meet his requirements.  A webmaster may tweak a page to increase Page Rank, improve website content and keyword density, and use the statistics to get better incoming links. 

Aside form e-commerce websites, websites that generate income through ad placements can also benefit from using web counters. Not only are the data useful for advertisers, they are also useful for the webmasters because they can monitor their sites’ activities easier.

Pro-bloggers can use this data to create more interesting content and to get more people to read their weblogs (blogs).

Even those who do not blog professionally but feel that the images and messages they put up in their websites are important and need to be read by many readers could use web counters to improve their server statistics.


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